#diffimooc SurvivalCraft Week 2

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So exciting to be part of a course that is using MinecraftEdu.  Students are working hard to create mazes based on the book “Maze Runner”.  Hopefully soon the teachers in my district will use it as an educational tool too.

I posted on the SurvivalCraft community reminding teachers about some of the Diffi Tools for Scenario 2 in both the books.  Students from the Diffimooc course feel free to advertise about your tool of the community.


Reflection Week 13

This week Jon and I hosted the Titter session. We geared our questions towards assessment and student motivation. I started off the session with a Google form quiz. I also shared the add on Flubaroo and how it can grade a Google form. Jon finished the session by asking questions. I felt the session went well. I enjoyed getting ideas on how other teachers try to motivate their students especially when it comes to assessment.

I have been working on my UbD it is geared for elementary about 1st-3rd grades. It took me awhile to decide on a subject and an essential question for my UbD. I think the hardest part was creating a PBL unit. At first I wanted to create a unit on using Sphero’s. One of the teachers I work with has 10 Sphero’s that she has been wanting to use and hasn’t had time to figure them out, so she asked me for help. They are basically balls that you can code to roll and change color. I had a hard time thinking of how to incorporate it into a PBL unit, what my “real world” essential question(s) would be. The other thing that steered me away from doing a unit on Sphero was that they are expensive to purchase. I won’t be using one in my classroom anytime soon, so I wanted to create a unit I can use next year. For my PBL UbD I chose a topic I am familiar with, planets. My unit has students researching whether or not humans can live on other planets and if they cannot what attributes make it impossible for us to live on another planet, i.e. weather, atmosphere, temperature.