#diffimooc Prior Knowledge Infographic


I found this on Twitter and I thought it went well with week 12.

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Reflection Week 12

This week’s Twitter season was fun, we played a Kahoot. I am familiar with Kahoot, one of my work colleagues shared Kahoot with me. I have used it a few times at the schools I teach at. Kahoot is a great formative assessment tool, plus it’s engaging the students love the competition of it. I was wondering how Kahoot was going to play out on Twitter, but Cynthia did a good job posting the questions.

I enjoyed the required reading this week. The chapters were easy to read and had useful information. As a mentioned in commenting on Scott’s blog I wish I would have read these books before starting my teaching career. I started my career working in rural village in AK. The village has a high SES and every student receives a free breakfast and lunch. Many of the things I learned, that the book discussed, I learned by trial and error. After reading this week’s chapters, I felt encouraged to keep my students backgrounds in mind. It’s so easy to get frustrated, especially around standardized testing time, thinking…why don’t the students know this by now?, I have taught this many times. Teachers need to remember each student comes from different backgrounds and home lives with varying prior knowledge and motivation to do well in school.