Reflection Week 11

Wow this week was busy! I am in the OLTAK course as well as Diffimooc and we have been busy creating the teacher training website. I was in charge of collecting the diffi tools to share and post with teachers. During the Givercraft I was also in charge of the diffi tools and I asked classmates to email me their tool idea write ups, but I didn’t receive that many write-ups. Mia and I thought it would be best to have one spot for the diffimooc class to post their tools, so I created a Diffimooc Diffi Tools Google Community (try to say that fast 3 times).  Unfortunately using the Google Community did not increase the number of diff tool write-ups. I’m not sure what else I could have done to receive more responses. I tweeted about the community and Mia shared the link at the end of the Wednesday diffimooc Twitter session. I think Lee emailed everyone and tweeted. Maybe the diffimooc class should look at creating the tools weeks in advance and then meet with the OLTAK class about the best way to get the tool information to teachers that are doing the Minecraft experience. The plan for SurvivalCraft is to post all the diffi tools on the teacher training website and also have all the tools on the SurvivalCraft Google Community.   Game on!