#diffimooc Week 11: SurvivalCraft Diffi Tool

LOTFEDET                                                     MREDET

Amanda, Andrea and I are working together to make chests of tools and food for teachers to give their students in survival mode.  We are hoping this will help the students who may struggle with making tools and/or finding food to survive.  It may also help the students who die from monsters and lose their resources.

Chests of Tools and Food – For scenario 2 in Lord of the Flies and scenario 3 in Maze Runner

Located in the station “Tools Released” there is a house with chests. Inside each chest are tools.  This station is ONLY FOR TEACHERS. NO STUDENTS should be teleported or given permission to enter this station. The chests filled with tools are for students who are struggling to make/keep their tools during scenario 2.

If a student needs a tool, teleport yourself to “Tools Released”, grab a tool out of the chest and place in your inventory. Then in teacher tools transfer the tool to the student or teleport yourself to their location and place the tool in a chest near them.

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4 thoughts on “#diffimooc Week 11: SurvivalCraft Diffi Tool

  1. Excellent infographics. I especially like the Venn diagram concept you used in LOTF. It shows the connection between individual tasks and group effort. I also liked the questions you put into your MazeRunner infographic. They highlight important ideas kids will need to think about.

    “Tools released” is a great idea. I’m glad you are continuing to offer this diffitool. There will be kids who struggle with LOTF and Mazerunner, especially in survival mode. Some of them may want to give up if the difficulty becomes overwhelming. I know how frustrating it was earlier this semester when we were playing around in the world. It was irritating every time I lost everything because of some annoying spider or persistent zombie. Offering tools to these kids will help keep their motivation and will also show students how their teachers are supportive. You are providing positive reinforcement for teachers and students alike!

    • Thanks, I feel I am horrible at infographics, which I find fascinating because I am such a visual person. I guess I lack the creativity. I’m glad you picked up on the venn diagram, that is what I was going for, the idea working as a community or working alone and which will be better for survival

  2. I think the kids who get attacked by the monsters or zombies and lose all their tools a lot will greatly appreciate this diffitool. Just the few weeks we played online and I wouldn’t even know what I was doing and get like two things and then a zombie would get me and I would be so frustrated, so having something like that will be awesome and they won’t get discouraged! Great idea!

  3. That is a great diffitool. When losing your stuff on survival mode (zombies/creepers) it is nice to be able to obtain more to keep from stressing out. It can be very upsetting when you keep getting killed and losing all of your stuff. Nicely done on the infographics as well. I really liked your venn diagram. It was well thought out.

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