Reflection Week 9

I am way off track and I have caught the procrastination bug. I think it’s because I am feeling overwhelmed in my personal and professional life. Usually at least one of my worlds is spinning correctly. I will get back on track because I want to complete my EDET courses and enjoy my summer. The essential question for week nine got my gears spinning. Thinking and reading about PBL it all sounds good, but actually putting PBL to work in a classroom sounds like a lot of work. Another thing I have come to realize about PBL is that a teacher really has to know the concepts they are teaching, but I guess that’s why the term “depth of knowledge” is used. PBL is something I am constantly striving for, but I guess my struggle is how to relate the mini concepts I have to teach to a bigger real world concept. I enjoy allowing my students to be creative, but it’s my own creativity that I lack.   Creating the PBL unit for this class will hopefully help me start thinking more creatively in terms how can I get my students to learn about fractions but in a PBL way.


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