Reflection week 7

This week there wasn’t a Tuesday Minecraft challenge, which I appreciated because I was travelling home Tuesday night from Anchorage. I was able to attend the ASTE conference, it was so much fun! There was good information/collaboration and I got to meet Colin O. (not sure how to spell his last name), which was pretty cool. On Wednesday Twitter session I wasn’t able to attend, because I was in a teacher training videoconference for the OLTAK course. We were meeting with teachers to make sure they had all the information they needed to get started with Givercraft.

After reading my peer’s blog postings for this week, I am looking forward to seeing how each diffi-tool gets used. There are many great ideas for every type of gamer/learner. This week we were to blog about how we are going to assess the effectiveness of our tool. I enjoyed reading everyone’s ideas, because that gave me ideas on how I may want to assess as well. The other information I got out of reading the blog postings is a better understanding of each diffi-tool. In the OLTAK course I am tasked with collecting a short description of each diffi-tool and sharing that information with the Givercraft teachers. Reading the blogs this week helped me decide how I can get that info out to the teachers or if I even need to. Some people are choosing to share their tool on the Givercraft website, so I can make note of that on the diffi-tools document I have.


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