#diffimooc Week 7: Assessing effectiveness

How will I assess the effectiveness of the differentiation I have planned for #Givercraft?

Amanda, Andrea and I are creating memory books for scenario 2, that teachers can give their students during the game. In assessing the effectiveness of our tool we will look at how many of the books we created were used and survey the teachers to find out if they found our tool helpful or not.   At the end of scenario 2 we will be able to look through our chest of books and see which ones were taken out. If only five books were taken out then it maybe wasn’t an effective tool, but if almost all our books were taken out then it was very effective.  I think we will also need to survey the teachers at the end of Givercraft and find out if the teachers found the tool useful and how it was useful for the teacher. Our tool is for the teachers, even though the student gets the book. In our survey we could ask:

Did you find the chests of books helpful? Why or why not?

How many books did you take out of the chests?

Would you suggest using this diffitool again in Givercraft?


These are just a few rough draft questions that could be asked. We could just ask teachers did you use the memory books, yes or no? If no one used them then it wasn’t effective, Amanda, Andrea and I will have to discuss and decide.


4 thoughts on “#diffimooc Week 7: Assessing effectiveness

  1. I had the same idea! Awesome!! I like the questions you are thinking of asking. Yes, I’m wondering how effective this tool will be for teachers. It will be interesting to see. I made a tutorial video to show where the memories are and how to make a book. You guys did a great job with adding more books! I apologize if it comes off the video as I made it… I think I said we, if not, I’m sorry. With this last week and all the trainings my brain is completely fried. Hopefully the video makes sense. I hope teachers use our idea!

  2. The survey is a good idea, but I’m not sure about counting the books left in chests. As I recall, last time there was a big issue with students taking memory books and not putting them back (then other students couldn’t find books and complete their tasks). Ideally, you’d want all of those books right where they were left.

    • Only the teachers will be allowed to go to the chest of books. Amanda created a memories world. Teachers will go there get a book then give it to the students who need it.

  3. As a teacher, part of me hopes that they are not used because that would mean that they kids remembered the memories they read about. That’s where this could be difficult. It is great to have just in case, but you kind of hope they don’t get used so that the kids are really showing that they read the book completely. I like that only the teachers will be able to give out the books, that way you can keep track of it. It also helps the teacher see who needed the assistance. This is a great idea, I love that you thought of it. It truly helps in differentiation.

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