Reflection Week 6

What a week…weekend! Time flies when you’re having fun. I spent the weekend in Anchorage at the ATE conference, so much valuable information but not much down time. On Tuesday instead of doing a Minecraft challenge we met in small groups on Google Hangout to discuss differentiation ideas of Givercraft. Thomas was tsked to run the group meeting I was in. I appreciated all the information he gave us. He was involved in the Givercraft last semester, so he has some experience doing what we are doing this semester. His best advice was to not stress that everything will come together in the end. I often forget about this. He is right it will all work out and if it doesn’t I just pray Lee will understand J

Cindy and I facilitated the Twitter session this week. Most of our questions centered around debriefing and sharing what had taken place in the Google Hangout’s from the night before.   We wanted to make sure everyone had time to share their positive experiences and ask any clarifying questions they still had.


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