#diffimooc Week 6: Givercraft differentiation

Essential question: How can I create opportunities for differentiation in Givercraft?

My plan to differentiate during Givercraft is to team up with Amanda and Andrea. Amanda came up with the idea of creating a chest of memory books. Amanda has already gone in and created a house with a chest in it. We will create a chest of books that students in need of help can teleport to. The books will contain memories from the book The Giver. Scenario two in the Givercraft course tasks students with finding books of memories and building the memories in MincraftEdu. On Tuesday we met in groups to brainstorm on how to differentiation the Givercraft course for students. Some of us were having difficulty understanding how to differentiate because we have not facilitated the Givercraft course yet. I believe when the course begins I will better understand how to differentiate to meet the needs of more students. After gaining this experience I should have a better idea of how to differentiate for the students in the Lord of the Flies and Maze Runner Minecraft courses. Facilitators will have to keep in mind many students may have thousands of hours of experience and may consider us novices.   We will have to learn how to tap into their experience, so they can share with others. The Givercraft course is all so new to me, even playing the game is new. I am thankful that Amanda is allowing me to team up with her, as I gain experience. Amanda probably has a better idea of what student needs are in the course, as she took the Givercraft course last semester.

During the Tuesday meeting my group discussed a variety of ideas on how to differentiate for the students. Thomas was tasked with running the meeting. He took time to explain the Givercraft course and each scenario. He explained to us how and why we might need to differentiate. Cindy was in our group and she started brainstorming ideas on how to differentiate for students who aren’t gamers. Most of our time was spent talking about how to differentiate and engage experienced players who say they are bored and are destructive to others creations with less experience. It is also important to remember that some students may not want to play the game, those who would rather write/create a paper or book than build/create on Givercraft. I am looking forward to seeing if Cindy develops something for those students.


5 thoughts on “#diffimooc Week 6: Givercraft differentiation

  1. I think differentiating for these students who would rather write/create a paper or book the build/create is almost in a way more important than differentiating for students who love the game. Maybe it’s just me and my lack of knowledge with Minecraft, but it seems to me like the kids who love Minecraft, while they may get a little of course and there will be those kids who will destroy stuff, will have a sufficient amount of motivation because they love the game. Whereas kids who don’t know how to play Minecraft or don’t like it aren’t necessarily going to be thrilled about playing every week for the 3.5-5 hours that is suggested with each scenario. If you haven’t read Cindy’s ideas yet, you should read them on her blog, I think she came up with a really good out of the box idea.

    • Ali,

      I have created two houses and the third was is in the process of being built. Inside each house is a chest. If you and Andrea could go into the house and create more books, that would be great! I am going to create a video for the teachers, so they know how to access the books, find them and create their own memory (book) if for some reason they run out. There are multiple copies of the same memory, I think this is fine. Most students will come up with their own memory. The teachers will have extra copies incase the book gets lost or never replaced.

      Also the station to find the memories is for TEACHERS ONLY it’s under “Memories Released” There is a teleport block. Once your at the station, look for the houses. The doors are in the back, so it’s a little difficult to find. Stay tuned for the video.

      • Sounds good. I am at ASTE this weekend so I will try and get in. I may need to contact you for help, I am a low level Minecraft player/creator. What is the best way to contact you?

  2. When my classes did Givercraft in fall, I did spend quite a bit of time helping certain students find memories so they could complete their tasks, so I think that what you’re doing will be valuable.

  3. I think that this is a great idea. As I mentioned to Amanda, you may want to spread out where you place them memories. If a student accidentally destroys the chest then all the memories may be gone. Hiding your eggs in several baskets, then having what is in each chest available so if it is damaged it can be replaced later would be a great back up plan. Not all kids will use it, but it will really assist students who need it.

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