Reflection Week 5

This week’s MinecraftEdu challenge was to practice the teacher tools. We were to take on different student roles and spend some time also being in teacher role. I had fun being in a student role. I worked on making things and chatting with other students. Then I spent some time in teacher role, which was not so fun. I found it extremely hard to keep up with the students. The Minecraft world is so big and all the students were spread out. Then there were students that would throw potions or spawn animals everywhere. It was difficult trying to figure out who was causing the problems. I would freeze students and they didn’t seem to like that. During my time in teacher role, I tried out each tool to see how they all worked: turn off chat, freezing, and teleporting, etc.

During this week’s Twitter session we debriefed on how it went in the MinecraftEdu challenge and how/what really happens when teachers have students play MinecraftEdu. At this point I am trying to take in all the advice and suggestions as I can, because I will need it when my OLTAK course starts the Givercraft.

It was interesting reading the blog postings of my peers and their take on using games in the classroom. Many teachers shared the resources they use for gaming in their classroom.


One thought on “Reflection Week 5

  1. I wish I came up with the idea of differentiating for students who don’t like gaming but it was actually Tristan who came up with the idea and is working on it. I will be curious how it turns out too. I like your idea about books of memories. I am reading The Giver right now and I can defiantly see how the project would fit into the curriculum.

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