Reflection Week 4

This week’s Minecraft challenge my group and I were to rebuild Germany after WWI and encourage woman to do their part and have children in order to create a strong country. I was able to help Mia build an apartment for the women. Then I made a place for pigs, chickens and cows by the school for women that one of my team members made. I also put up signs with propaganda and write in a book, although I couldn’t figure out how to put the book anywhere. I added bookshelves to some of our buildings, but I couldn’t get my book to stay on the shelf.

This week’s Twitter session was about gaming and gamification. I wasn’t able to answer many questions because I have little experience using gamification in my class. But I enjoyed reading the responses of others. I enjoy getting ideas from other people, especially those that are doing something well in their classroom. It’s great to hear what works and what doesn’t work, so that if I decide to use gamification in my classroom I have some ideas.


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