Reflection Week 3

I never thought I would be practicing my skills to play a video game. This week I tried to play Minecraft during my lunch breaks. I happened upon Tyler’s reflection and read how he was playing in single player mode to practice, so I thought I would try that out. Once I logged in at home my kids were fascinated and peaked over my shoulders to watch me play. I don’t think my 4-year-old son is a fan, because he didn’t seem to like the zombies and spiders. During my time playing, I was able to figure out how to find iron ore and make better tools. I also figured out that the type of resource collected was dependent on the tool used. With the help of my husband, we found a cave with lava. I wasn’t able to get very far down without Creepers coming to get me.

This week’s essential question had me reflecting on the things I did in my regular education classroom. This year is my first year as an Instructional Technology Coach, which makes it challenging to differentiate instruction. I go into many different classrooms and I don’t know the skills of the students, sometimes I don’t even know the tech skills of the teacher. During the Twitter session this week it was good to hear that others are feeling a little frustrated with Minecraft. We were asked to join a team to play this week. I was extremely reluctant because I was pretty certain I would be NO help to my teammates. I wasn’t feeling well this week so I got behind in my course work, which reminds me I need to go comment on the blogs of others. So off I go…


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