Reflection week 2

This week we looked at using MinecraftEdu in the classroom to differentiate instruction. In reading the blog postings of my peers, it was interesting reading everyone’s perspective on how to use Minecraft in the classroom. There were many great ideas, videos, and websites shared, which I can reference for later use if/when I use MinecraftEdu in my own classroom.

This week we were also tasked with joining a Minecraft session. I have joined one before, but never really played. After playing I told my husband I am amazed a 9 year old could figure out how to play! I was SO much harder than I thought. Here is what I was able to figure out how to do: walk straight, walk backwards, walk side-to-side, fly, break stuff. I joined the playing session late and I didn’t realize until after I joined that Lee had tasks she wanted us to try and accomplish. One of the tasks was to build a workbench. I was so proud of myself that I figured out how to build a workbench, but then I couldn’t figure out how to put the bench down! Needless to say I need much more practice.


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