#diffimooc Week 2: MinecraftEdu Comic

week2 comic

The title of my comic is “MinecraftEdu Hurdles” because in my district there isn’t buy in from admin or those who are in charge of deciding to buy MinecraftEdu licenses, yet.  Those unnamed people in charge just see Minecraft as a video game.  One of the teachers I work with tried to start a MinecraftEdu after school class and was told they couldn’t.  I think eventually my district with get on board with MincecraftEdu, if that is the path of future teaching.


2 thoughts on “#diffimooc Week 2: MinecraftEdu Comic

  1. Great comic! I can see a lot of administrators and parents feeling the same way about this. What we need to do is show how minecraft can be used in the classroom and how the students can benefit using this. It they see how engaged the students are and they are actually learning and enjoying it I think their minds will change about it.

    • Thanks, I agree if they see how powerful a tool it is in the classroom, that will help. I think if/when more and more school districts start using it we will too. From the admin perspective I think they feel it would take too much time and energy to train the teachers how to use it. For some teachers using a document camera is all they can handle. And now that the state is moving to computer based testing it is rocking their world.

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