Reflection week 1

Week one, why did I sign up for 2 UAS courses!? Breathe…I will be okay. So this week we read about differentiated instruction DI. As a 3rd grade teacher I always tried my best to DI. I noticed I got better at it as became a more experienced teacher. I also feel technology helps me DI. Many of my colleagues shared great technology resources in their blog postings. I also got some good feedback on my blog, which was nice to read. This week we also were tasked with creating an infographic. This task was a challenge for me as I am not a very creative person. I am pretty good at taking an idea and changing it to fit my needs, that is why as an educator I love the web. I can search for teaching ideas that people share and then tweak it to fit the needs of my classroom and students. I lived through the experience of creating an infographic, I wouldn’t say it was the best, but it reiterated the main points of my week 1 blog posting. This week I responded to the blogs of my colleagues I did my best to add some advice and/or resources that they could possibly use in the classroom.


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