#diffimooc Week 1 Infographic


So I am not very creative and I was getting frustrated with Easyly.ly.  The above infographic is what I came up with, it has the key points I took away from the readings this week and that I wrote about in my week one blog.


2 thoughts on “#diffimooc Week 1 Infographic

  1. That is a good point to point out that teachers and kids learn together. Many times the students might be better at something. I remember when I first tried iMovie in the class. It was new to me and I had several students who have used it before. I let them become the teachers. If a student needed help I had those students help the students who needed help. They loved it!

  2. I like how simple your infographic is. I was also having a difficult time coming up with something due to a lack of creativity. I think assignments by them selves don’t need to be different for every student, but open ended enough to allow completion from many perspectives. Every blog I have looked at has a completely different infographic, but they are all done well and meet the assignment standards.

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