Week 12 Reflection

I am late in posting my reflection and weekly blog because I just finished collecting my data before Thanksgiving break. I wanted to give the students as much time using iTalk as possible before I did the final fluency assessment. Then break came and life happened, but now here is my reflection! I enjoyed the week 12 Twitter session. Using Padlet to have us answer questions was a great idea. I stumbled upon Padlet last year when I was surfing the web for teaching ideas. I came across a teacher’s blog who was sharing how she was using iPads, QR codes and Padlet to do KWL before a unit of study. Here is the link to the blog: http://www.mrswideen.com/2013/04/using-padlet-qr-codes-and-ipads-oh-my.html

My students liked sharing answers to questions in real time. The thing I liked was I could save the Padlet as a pdf or jpeg to refer to later, if I wanted.

My data…I really thought more students’ fluency scores would increase from using iTalk. Almost half the 3rd grade student’s scores went down. I still have to finish listening to the student’s recordings to assess them on my accuracy rubric. I am wondering how often the students used the app. I was in the classroom on three different occasions and all the students seemed to be using the app appropriately. When I asked the cooperating teacher she made it seem like all the students were still interested in using the app and that they were recording twice a week


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