Week 11 Reflection

This week’s Twitter session was thrilling. However, I wasn’t feeling my best and once my Nyquil kicked it I was less concerned about the session and more concerned about resting. I do appreciate that Nicole made it engaging and fun, furthermore now we all have a document to reference when needed. And I actually hung in there with 4 points for a while until about the end when I had to call it quits and rest.

My project is coming along and I am finding it fun and interesting to collect data. I have been going into the classroom for an hour every Tuesday to help and observe the students using iTalk.   The students seem to be enjoying using iTalk to record themselves and their teacher agrees. Most students want to do that station/center first and then the rest wait, completing the other activities, until a device becomes available. I found it fascinating that many students stand and read. They have the headphones on the reading passage in one hand and the iPod in another and they read and listen to their passage. One student was even walking in circles, it made me quite dizzy, but he was on task and doing what he was supposed to be doing. I spent some time last time I was in the room to listen to the student’s recordings. There is so much information to learn when listening to a student read. For example, one student was speed-reading. His classroom teacher can have the conversation about what fluent reading should sound like.


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