Week 10 Reflection

During the Twitter session and weekly Blogs it was nice to share how others are collecting data and what they plan to do with the data. This week I was able to get started on having students use the iTalk app. I went into the classroom to give students directions on how to use the app and what the expectations are for recording and listening to passages. I stayed in the classroom during the Daily 5 time to help students. What seemed to work best was having the iPods with headphones already attached to them at a spot in the room where students could easily access them. Also having the devices in an accessible area allowed the students to easily see if devices are being used. When students were ready to record they went to the table to get a device then found a spot in the room to record and listen to themselves read the passage.

It will be an interesting month, I will be trying to collect the data I need and learning the patterns of my data. My teaching position this year I work at four different schools and I spend one day a week at each school. However, this month I will be going to my schools for one week at a time to work with teachers and students on KITE the new state mandated testing software and I am not sure if I will have enough time to collect my data.


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