Week 11 Reflection

This week’s Twitter session was thrilling. However, I wasn’t feeling my best and once my Nyquil kicked it I was less concerned about the session and more concerned about resting. I do appreciate that Nicole made it engaging and fun, furthermore now we all have a document to reference when needed. And I actually hung in there with 4 points for a while until about the end when I had to call it quits and rest.

My project is coming along and I am finding it fun and interesting to collect data. I have been going into the classroom for an hour every Tuesday to help and observe the students using iTalk.   The students seem to be enjoying using iTalk to record themselves and their teacher agrees. Most students want to do that station/center first and then the rest wait, completing the other activities, until a device becomes available. I found it fascinating that many students stand and read. They have the headphones on the reading passage in one hand and the iPod in another and they read and listen to their passage. One student was even walking in circles, it made me quite dizzy, but he was on task and doing what he was supposed to be doing. I spent some time last time I was in the room to listen to the student’s recordings. There is so much information to learn when listening to a student read. For example, one student was speed-reading. His classroom teacher can have the conversation about what fluent reading should sound like.

#seaccr Week 11: Data

My data consists of 3rd grade student AIMSweb fluency scores taken in September 2014 and November 2014. At the end of my project, after the students have used the iTalk app, I will gather the student’s AIMSweb scores again. In September the RTI staff in the school collected the student’s AIMSweb scores and in November I collected the student’s scores.

Most of the student’s fluency scores have increased. 16 out of 23 student’s fluency scores have increased; of those 16 students five have doubled their fluency score. Six out of 23 student’s scores have decreased, some by just a few words and others by 20 words or more. My data tells me that student’s most of the class is reading more fluently than they were in September. Most of the students are becoming more fluent readers.

Date of analysis:

Evaluator: Alison Gryga

Name of document: AIMSweb scores


Student name Sept. wpm Nov. wpm
Student 1 153 152
Student 2 136 111
Student 3 130 138
Student 4 120 124
Student 5 109 104
Student 6 108 116
Student 7 107 105
Student 8 105 82
Student 9 89 103
Student 10 78 105
Student 11 76 99
Student 12 72 84
Student 13 62 94
Student 14 61 80
Student 15 59 70
Student 16 50 100
Student 17 39 32
Student 18 38 78
Student 19 33 63
Student 20 31 38
Student 21 24 71
Student 22 15 17
Student 23 7 15


Student #8 scores went down by almost 30 words per minute. The student with the lowest wpm, student #23, increased their score from 7 wpm to 15 wpm. This student is considered Tier 3 and receives 60 minutes of RTI reading tutoring instruction 4 times a week.

Week 10 Reflection

During the Twitter session and weekly Blogs it was nice to share how others are collecting data and what they plan to do with the data. This week I was able to get started on having students use the iTalk app. I went into the classroom to give students directions on how to use the app and what the expectations are for recording and listening to passages. I stayed in the classroom during the Daily 5 time to help students. What seemed to work best was having the iPods with headphones already attached to them at a spot in the room where students could easily access them. Also having the devices in an accessible area allowed the students to easily see if devices are being used. When students were ready to record they went to the table to get a device then found a spot in the room to record and listen to themselves read the passage.

It will be an interesting month, I will be trying to collect the data I need and learning the patterns of my data. My teaching position this year I work at four different schools and I spend one day a week at each school. However, this month I will be going to my schools for one week at a time to work with teachers and students on KITE the new state mandated testing software and I am not sure if I will have enough time to collect my data.

#seaccr Week 10: Data Plans

How will I analyze my data?  Why am I making these choices?

I will analyze student’s AIMSweb scores and expression. I plan on comparing the student’s rate of fluency from September when the school did the universal screening until the first time I assessed their fluency, compared to their rate of fluency from when I assessed them until the end of November after using iTalk. I will also use the reading expressions rubric I created to assess the students by assessing the student’s first recording compared to their last recording after using iTalk for the month of November. This will allow me to see if there are benefits to using voice recording technology for fluency instruction.

Week 9 Reflection

I just realized I forgot to post my reflection for week 9. It was a long week that seemed never ending between my work schedule and my children getting ill, I was glad the week ended. So what is the saying…our best laid plans… When conducting my assessing of fluency it took longer than I thought it would. However one positive note most the students scores increased from when the where first fluency assessed. I always enjoy it when students scores improve, guess that’s the teacher in me.

#seaccr Week 9: Data or lack there of…

On Friday my plan was to AIMSWeb assess the 3rd grade students in my study for their current level of fluency. However, it was Halloween and the class was doing a pumpkin math and carving activity and I also had other technology obligations to attend to. On Friday I was able to get a copy of the student’s AIMSWeb fluency scores taken in August. My plan for next week is to go to the classroom on Tuesday, during their daily 5 time, and show the students how to use iTalk. I will stay in the room to assist students in using iTalk. The classroom teacher has agreed to have the students use the app twice a week. I am also hoping to assess the students on Tuesday, so I can look at their rate of growth from August. Another problem I am facing is my schedule for the month of November. My original plan was to assess the student’s fluency once a week. However, my schools want me to spend a week at their school working with teachers and students on the new KITE software for the Alaska AMP test, formally SBA’s. I am thinking of asking the classroom teacher to assess the students the weeks I am not able to make it to her school. Basically, my data is a work in progress and I can’t wait to get the students started on Tuesday.