Week 7 Reflection

This week I hosted the Twitter session. I was hoping someone would host with me, so I didn’t have to come up with questions by myself. However, no one else signed up to host so I was solo. I did have help/guidance from Dr. Lee. I emailed her to make sure I was on the right track as far as my questions were concerned. I felt the Twitter session was a success and it basically ran itself. My colleagues had questions for the Dr. Lee and Dr. Jones, so I sat back and let everyone ask their questions and I answered when I could help. If I felt a question needed to be asked, I would ask a question. Overall the Twitter session was helpful in helping figure out the next steps of the process and this week’s assignment. This week I have responded to my colleague’s projects. If I had any suggestions, I let them know in my comments. Mostly I think everyone is doing a good job and I am looking forward to see how the projects turn out.  I am so new to the research process that I feel ill-equipped to give advice on others projects, but I do try to add suggestions if one is needed. I have also received guidance from a few colleagues and some from my husband. I am feeling better about my research project again. Crocker has helped me revise my research question and understand the importance of my data and the variables I may encounter during my project. My husband helped me realize to keep working hard and move forward. As he stated, if everyone quit their research in the middle of their project no research would get done. I agree and I am moving forward.


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