Week 5 Reflection

This weeks Twitter session was very engaging, good questions and interesting answers. Lindsey Blaine is doing her project on the use of technology with Preschool students. I think this is great research project and I can’t wait to read the results. Scott is doing his on interactive student response tools. I am hoping he finds out which tool he preferred and which his students; I think that will be helpful information to know. I have limited experience using student response tools in a classroom. There are so many out there its hard to know which one is the best and most effective to use in class. After reading my colleague’s Literature Reviews this week I am truly looking forward to see how all the projects turn out and the data. The information and data my colleagues’ share will prepare me, guide me, and support the things I see and do on a daily basis being a tech coach for my school district.


I have received some positive feedback about my research project. I am learning a great deal about reading fluency. For example, I learned that fluency can effect students well beyond their elementary years in school, Scott shared that he he’s this problem with his secondary students and math.  As I prepare to complete my project and collect my data, as I have stated before I will be at the mercy of a work colleague to gather data for my project. I am hoping that my colleague realizes that I can be an asset in helping and assessing students while using iTalk in their classroom.


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