Week 3 Reflection

This week during the Twitter discussion I felt like I was on the wrong path. I don’t know if I have started second guessing myself because I am feeling out of my element with my new job and add the stress of this class, or if I am just out of touch with the true integration of technology. I felt overwhelmed by the Twitter session and out of my element as far as answering the questions being posted. My worry is that I will choose a topic that is too broad or not easily measurable. Which then leads me to worry that I won’t know how to complete my research, because I won’t know how or what I am measuring. I want to choose a research project topic that will be cut and dry for me. I do not want to reinvent the wheel and I do not want to add a tremendous amount of more work on my already full plate. I am interested in knowing if the districts use of iTalk in the primary grade levels in helping to increase student’s fluency, which is the districts goal. I am pretty sure that no one, in my district, has looked at the data to truly see if there is a correlation. As far as the blogs go this week it was interesting to read about the topics others are thinking of doing. I’m almost enjoying reading the blog responses more than the actual blogs, because there are some great ideas being shared. When I posted my responses I tried to add some suggestions or insight to what others were thinking and doing. This week I didn’t offer up as much resources as I have in the past. I mostly wanted to offer encouragement or suggestions. Also this week I went in search of resources and once again started felling worrisome, because there were very little resources based on using iTalk or any recording device and reading fluency. There were a few, some not so good, so of course I started second guessing my topic. In the end, I found 10 resources that I hope will help me later with this project.

Annotated Bibliography:



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