Week 6: Schools and Parents working together to create a digital citizen.

Digital Citizenship in Schools (Ribble, 2011) outlines 9 elements of digital citizenship.  These 9 elements are a great basis for schools to use to help guide them through the process of setting up a digital citizenship curriculum.  As I read through the 9 elements there is so much more involved in digital citizenship, for example, teaching digital commerce or digital health and wellness.  In fact, I believe those are values that parents should be teaching their children.  However, I also believe that schools can help parents do this by sharing resources.  Schools and parents should work together to create a moral digital citizen.  Just as in other aspects of education, parent involvement is essential, it will be even more important for parents to help schools teach students to be the best digital citizen they can be.

Schools can help parents with this process by sharing information that they can discuss and share with their children at home.  Many school districts that are incorporating Ribble’s 9 elements are sharing digital citizenship information with parents on their district website.  The Northshore School District in Washington uses the link http://webold.nsd.org/education/dept/dept.php?sectionid=5626  for parents to share website resources and Internet safety tips.  Schools can also help parents get involved by including them in their process of setting up digital citizenship guidelines and expectations as Ribble (2011) outlines.

In my classroom I can start by addressing the digital citizenship topics I feel my students need to know.  For example, in my class we have been using Google Docs to create projects and share them with each other.  I need to teach my student the importance of digital responsibility, etiquette, and communication.  I can also keep my student’s parents informed about what we are learning in class and how they can help their child be a safe digital citizen.  During my school staff meetings I can discuss the need for a digital citizenship lesson/curriculum in school.  I can also share what I am doing to help other teachers understand the importance of digital citizenship, so they can share similar information with their students about digital citizenship.


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 Ribble, M. 2011. Digital Citizenship in Schools. Eugene, OR: ISTE.


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